There are many interesting people around us. People like us who have things to tell and that deserve to be told. People with an identity that have stories that arouse curiosity, that leave you with your mouth open or you take a knowing smile.

Brave, caring, curious, carefree, fun ... that kind of people who have something different and is an inspiration to the rest of what they are, what they do and what they have to share.

Men and women who live life differently, seeking clothes to accompany them, they do not dress up. Because Cortefiel is a brand that does not create trends but adapt to the way of life of our customers. Accompany them.

They are the true inspiration and we will use them in our communication. We will leave aside the conventional model, the celebrities who are merely human hangers, objects, ... and use another "class of models" that talk, they talk, they have stories to tell.

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